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5 Star Rating

We hold a 5 star Iowa QRS rating for our preschool.

Meet The Teachers & Educators

We are a group of skilled individual, various background with the same purpose

Casey Hope

Director/Lead Teacher

Casey has been with Discovery Time Preschool for nine years. She has served as Director for six years. Casey’s favorite thing about teaching is watching when children have an “Aha!” moment and learn something new. She loves being a part of a program that believes in hands on learning and play as an important part of the learning process. “Every interaction is an opportunity to involve a child and have them learn and grow.” Casey was in the first class at Discovery Time Preschool when it opened, and has continued keeping the preschool an active, growing ministry of the church. She has 3 children; Carter 17, Carly 15, and Jack 12, and a husband, Mike.

Hazel Fricke

Teacher Associate

Hazel has been with Discovery Time Preschool for 10+ years serving as a teacher, volunteer, on the board, and as a mentor. She loves helping students explore their surroundings, learn about new things, and encouraging them to ask questions.  She loves to read stories, and see the joy on their faces when they learn and/or discover something new. She enjoys having children use their own, unique creativity.  “I love each child as an individual because they have something special to share.” She has a son with special needs, a daughter who teaches special needs students and a son-in-law who is a policeman, and three wonderful grandsons.  She is married to Mr. Fred, who volunteers at Discovery Time Preschool.

Rachel Wilimek

Teacher Associate

Rachel has been at Discovery Time Preschool for 3 years. She’s been a wonderful addition to the program and likes to bring fun and positivity into our classroom. She cares for the success of each child and wants them all to have the best learning experience at preschool as they prepare for kindergarten. She has four children; Kailey, 7, Jackson, 5, Emmett, 1 and Will 36.

Fred Fricke


Fred has been a part of Discovery Time Preschool for 6+ years. He comes everyday on a volunteer basis to help in the classroom. He makes sure snack is prepared and served every day and helps read and with our field trips. He’s a huge asset to our program and the kids love having Mr. Fred around. He is married to Miss Hazel and together they have 2 children, and 3 grandchildren.